my name is jackie, and i write this newsletter, the dream machine, as an exploration of technology, culture, and society. this description is vague to the point of meaninglessness, but what that means in practice is that i write about pretty much anything that happens to interest me at the time—hopefully, from a perspective that’s thought-provoking, philosophically interesting, and grounded. some recurring themes: the future beyond capitalism, our subjective experience of reality (especially through screens), the tension between place and placelessness in the modern world, the question of how to do good (or minimize harm), how we all make sense of our lives.

each newsletter is structured to be read with music, for no real reason other than that i like music, and i like the idea of situating my writing in a mood and a context. if you’d like to listen as you read, here’s the playlist.

i don’t typically post often or with any kind of regularity, but when i do, responses are always welcome, and encouraged! that’s why the newsletter exists, to think and talk through these questions together. if that interests you, subscribe:

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